World Map

I put up the big map by the hook up against the wall. This big world map that made me hope would consolidate things for me; all the countries, rivers, states and borders reflected in my eyes.
I got to work, as a student does when they fear deadlines for a project barely begun. And glancing up occasionally at the wall, I derived solace from the structure of map with all of its consistent labelling, enough to fathom the intricacies of international energy politics.
The other day I nearly walked into the room when I saw the maid poised with the broom in her left, staring fixedly at the two-dimensional monstrous layout of all the rivers of all the states of the countries of all the world.
I stood there transfixed looking at her, and she at the world. A world that suddenly made her world seem miniscule, lost to the rest of the drowning continents.
Several minutes later she bent down slightly and the sweeping begun. And I walked in like I had just begun walking in. Our lives resumed and monotony commenced.

**The rights to the featured image are the artist’s alone.

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