Sound of a Colour

I want to describe to you a colour, one that is delicious and creamy and makes me feel all fuzzy.
After all, is it imperative to say out loud what colloquialism identifies with?
Could I explain it to you instead?
It’s deep and rich. It’s opaque and I could drown in it. I want a wall layered with it that I could immerse myself in.
What is the sound of your favourite colour?
It’s undulating and changing- the texture, the sound and the sensation. But right now, the sound of my favorite colour is boundless and limitless, without borders or shapes. It’s ever-reaching and vast, a skyfull of it for me to choke in.
The colour I want to tell you about is this,
It’s heavy and it’s a mouthful. It’s suffocating and freeing and…

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