Clackity to My Clack

Hey, hey. Can you hear me? Could you just listen.

I am in love with you, you see. But no, you don’t; you never see.
You gaze on into the distance, looking for her when she was never
Here or there or anywhere at all.
I was. I saw you, I gazed at you as you gazed around looking for her.

It breaks my heart, it does. And it helps me write. And that’s all I care. To write, to able to drown in the grief you gift me. So that I can write.

So I do. I never loved you, I never focused. I imprint you with ink upon pages, my one true love, my one true sight, my words, my heart- poured out with ink, with pixels on the screen.

Hey, hey. Can you see me? I see you turning into a poem, breaking into words.

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