There is no escape, no reprieve from this haunting. This haunting that rattles my heart, my core.
It seeps into my bones, my cells. This sound of doubt that resonates with all the resilience that my feeble wisp of a few decades old body can muster.
I choke out an orgasm, now, right now and it’s feeble too, just enough to calm me down. The intensity seeps out, as the ‘what ifs’ and ‘back thens’ take over.
Like satin against my skin, it slides on like a new soul. A new soul to cover me, a new soul to engulf me whole.
What’s left anyway, of my weary being? What’s left since this day started and what remains as this day sets?
Old bones, weary creaks and a new soul I dawn on again.

*No rights to featured image.

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