Two Shall Pass?

It stuns me how we are ghosts
How we are complete strangers
It scares me how strange and fickle the human mind is,
To know a person body and soul
Before just switching off.
The transience terrifies me,
The emptiness dully echoes:
This too shall pass,
This too shall pass.
The transformation from being strangers to being each other’s very souls can never end in anything but going back to haunting the same room before we collided.
I don’t know what bugs me more- the hurt or the unsettling nature of this seeming anomality of breaking apart.
I wanted you here with me, I did. Until that desire started to tear through my tissues and cells.
Maybe starting afresh in another room is the easy way out. Or maybe that’s just what you think.
There’s nothing easy about trying to give yourself completely- heart and soul- to someone new when you fear a part of it will always ache,
Even though you can’t find it.
Phantom pains, recurring pains,
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.

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