Go Went Gone

I imagined us in a house, our shared living space that we had built. Filled with our possessions and memories.
I envisioned beautiful cream walls, cosy bedspreads and blue curtains.
A beautiful frenchpress on the kitchen counter, large comfortable mugs that we share every morning.
I conjured up the settings, the colours, the mahogany cabinets and polished floors.
I finally let myself into our home and tip toe into the study. You were sitting on the chair, facing the desk, engrossed.
I start as I realise that I can’t place you. I can’t remember the back of your head, your shoulders or the tilt of your nose.
My heart skips a beat; I don’t know you anymore,
I can’t visualize even a bit; not even as a stranger in my dreams.

*I claim no rights to the featured image

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