Time Machine

Every time there’s a moment, a memory worthy of capture, I think of how I would react;
Peeking in at this second of the future of how my life had turned out.
Scene. I look into your eyes and you taste me with your gaze.
Scene. Our familiar bodies mesh together.
How would we looking in, from the past, perceive this scene?
Would you be happy that you ended up with me? Would your heart beat faster and would you want to know more?
Would you look at me next to you, still untouched by you back then, and kiss me?
There are so many moments I have captured in my mind’s eye and so many scenes I have envisioned spying in on.
Every time I look at you with me, my heart swells. With promise. With joy. With affection.
Every time I look at me with you, my heart breaks. Just a little.

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