The Wind (Elements #3)

I got into the backseat of the car and rolled down the window beside me. I half stuck my head out like a dog curiously enjoying the car ride, all the sights and smells and sounds.
I didn’t need the earphones pumping music into my ears right now. Today was a very windy day and this is a very windy city. As the car gathered speed on the highway, the wind whipped my face.
It slashed across my cheeks, my eyes and my eyelashes. I could barely keep my eyes open, barely hear any sound other than the roaring of the wind. It was much like the roaring sea, only drier.
I wonder if all elements of the nature sound the same- a deafening roar.
The tears fell from my eyes. In a flash, the tears were in my ears, on my hair, blown away from the natural trajectory they would have plotted down my face.
Maybe my face was sobbing, maybe I was struggling to breathe…I didn’t know.
Maybe that is the magic of the wind; we cease to be; there’s just its fury and its roar.

*Rights to the image are the artist’s alone.

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