Man and the Whale

You have no peace or calm or humility. You have no clue of your place in this world.
You think you are human; you are God; you are the hero. But you are puny, weak and shallow.
You are unaware, you are blind. You walk on with your eyes rolled back into your head, your hands around your head obscuring every last drop of senses from your tongue to your eyes to nose…
You are bitter, you are egotistical, you are a racist fanatical sexist rapist.
You hide behind the guise of power, of beauty, of domination, wielding the weapons of destruction.
You hide inside your fortified havens, flaunt your ivory forks, your fur coats, your sleek guns, your taxidermied masterpieces of majestic creatures whose ancience you will be never know, you will never see
Because you kill each other, while pitying one another.
You are worthless, you are nothing.
That’s what you say too. To the mirror, late at night, in the privacy of your hidden cameras and little microphones…
I’m everything, everything. But I’m nothing.

This poetry was written in honour of Kristjan Loftssom and hundreds of other multimillionaires who think they own the environment and the many creatures whose beauty they cannot comprehend.

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