Safe and Sound

People say it’s they want. People say it’s what they wish they had.
It has been elevated to the status of #goals.
But the truth is, for the last five years and more
I have lost myself.
In having someone to talk to every night and each morning,
someone to say I love you too and hear it back without fail,
I have never been purely, entirely me.
There hasn’t been a single night I drifted off without a care
of someone to call, someone to inform of where I am and what is up.
No idle chats, no idle flirtations, no idle kisses or carefree hugs. It’s all been grounded for me,
It’s all set in stone.
It’s all safe and everything’s sound.
I have the chisel and I have the hammer;
Stone can be broken and cement can crack,
But one thing that constantly remains is my loss of myself,
And my fear that perhaps,
I never existed at all.

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