Ode to What’s Left

It’s not the first time that I’ve marvelled at the wonder that you are. You, in all your light darkness and your unrivalled glory.
I think about the bare whisks of time we have have left together. The sliver of nights we have to cosy up and sync up our heartbeats. The last moments I have left to take you in in the transition from lucidity to subconsciousness.
I wonder who will you belong to after I am gone. I want you to remain unchanged, defying transience in my wait. But, I know that’d be wrong. Someone like you is destined for great things. You trap hearts- not get trapped in one!
You have bewitched every muscle, innervated me with your beauty, your immeasurable charm.
Be gone, begun, it all became the face of you, the minute I touched you, you touched me.

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