There We Lay

The hardwood floor on which I lie, the green flourescent stars up in the ceiling, they do not compare to a night out on the grass staring at the stars,
But with you, they all slip into one makeshift bridge between man-made and nature, the free-flowing wind and the ceiling fan.
Don’t let go of my hand, my head, your legs wrapped around mine, mine around yours, lest we slip into an alternate world where the bad things never happened, but neither did the good that bought us together
In a infinite mystery of causality and activity, planned and unplanned interactions that led us to us.
Beautiful, isn’t it? Just laying in the dark and talking about nothing in particular, brings about an unparalleled, and strangely curious intimacy.
If I could know you and nobody else, I would know us. How we breathed into each other in the dark, or how we clung to one another, when nothing we said was to be said again, and nothing wondered was to be hidden away.
Now that you leave, or I leave, or the distance in the way we are bound increases, the lights are a bit harsher, and the sky is a little murkier.
But I will keep reshaping you in the cavity next on me, against my hips, touching my lips. Hush, now, hush.

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