Dating Winters

God, I love winters.
With the sun barely there, barely making its way to touch the grounds,
Chill hitting our faces, raw on the tips of our noses,
When it does touch us, the sun feels like a blessing, a warmth that is welcome;
We feel the very feeling of being sunkissed, it’s apricity
God, I love the winters
With a sweet hot coffee in hand, blurry eyes and slowed metabolism,
We struggle to leave our beds and our snuggled-in partners
Pull on the boots, pull on the jacket
Pull on the gloves while shivering into your scarves.
For once, you want to start the workout, you want to get through the warm-up
You want to achieve the peak, heart thumping, you crave the heat.
You gotta love the winters.
While stumbling through the fog, the nights are filled with movement
Barely legal, barely present, the days- tik tok, tik tok- count themselves out;
The moon knows it can glow, uninterrupted, uninhibited…
The intimate beauty of winters.

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