“L’appel du vide,” she said.

“L’appel du vide,” they all said.

They all stood on the edge, the air whipping their faces, numbing the tips of their noses,

kissing their lips.

That’s how they will all go on;

Calm and happy, blissful and in peace,

Over the cliff.

There was nothing in here for us,

Icarus had whispered:

It is simply beautiful.

(L’appel du vide is the inexplicable desire to jump when on the edge of a cliff. Also meaning, “calling of the void”; the overwhelming need to be one with nature.)

2 thoughts on “Eudaimonia

  1. Beautiful. I actually know someone who had this kind of feeling when mesmerised by the natural beauty of some place of nilgiri religion. She had a feeling of total fulfillment in life n felt that if she dies now, there would be no regret. This should not be confused with suicidal thoughts. This matches with the concept of swvechha mrityu or ichcha mrityu and it is not about sadness but happiness.

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