Time Dance

[30/05 8:44 am]

I had my father, until he left us. Time showed me what I had to leave behind.

We kind of moved on, gathering all the strength, believing in connections and in people. But then, my uncle had to stay back with the lost time; the same time pushed us forward.
It passed and things changed, but the ache stayed. Later, my dog bid us goodbye.

Each time I can see myself unable to stop and weep, and instead move on with time.

I am done rushing. I want to stay behind and reminisce the memories, watch the ghosts of my past dancing in front of me.

I am yet to see more deaths and sometimes I feel numb to tragedies. At the same time I just want to weep, scream myself raw, hoping it’s all just a dream.

And that I will wake up in the night and rush to the door. See my father waiting for me at the doorstep, with a puppy in his arms.


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