Ode to Us

What is it to reminisce? What is it to keep the good of you and leave behind the bad?

I made a list, of all the things you used to do and how they made me feel. And you know what? We were magic, our souls faught a great battle every day to keep fighting just another day.

But then, what were these battles when the war seemed pointless?

Look at us curled together, look at us melting into each other. Look at us fitting perfectly.

No, I don’t see how we were yelling the day before, how fickle my mind was just a moment ago,

I just see how easy it is around you, how easy it is to bury the truth. To wait for it to

knock on the door, only for me to say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth.”

And it went away.

Here I am sitting on a construction of lies; reminiscing.

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