I looked at your lips, the crescent shaped eyes, crinkling at the edges as you smiled up at me. Your head rested on my lap and you looked up at me expectantly as though this little moment would bring a wave of a million memories.

And it did, it worked.

It would have been so easy to just lean forward and melt into your mouth like I had done a thousand times before. It felt like instinct on my part, and you were sure I would cave.

That little moment of rebellion would leave me hollow inside,

I think “Consequences, consequences”

The consequences of being with you. The consequences of falling into you. They were not pretty.

It worked, but I did not cave. I will not ever fall into you, my orbit will never fail me. I will never lose my own momentum.

Maybe we have been cursed to fall apart in every life, in every world, or maybe-maybe, you were never right for me. But this time, I bid you adieu.

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