The Best Acid Trip

Higher Existence” it read on the top. Curiously Alex continued to read on. “Attain transcendentalism no acid trip can show you.” Well, that certainly got him interested. All the participants had to do was sign up for the free session online and download the playlist on Apple Music to “accentuate the journey.” He had always been a medication and meditation enthusiast. Both, he believed, essentially worked best when used hand-in-hand. But, this course certainly seemed worth a try.


“Women are metal as fuck” Shasha declared staring up at the sky. It was a pure matte black. It used to be inky black peppered with stars, Matt recalled. The pollution had managed to leave its indelible mark.

“How’s that?” He enquired. Shasha was prone to bold, unrelated epiphanies when high.

“The warriors in our ancient texts fought brave wars, only to come back home and fuck a woman whom they had to rely on to further their warrioristic genes.” she replied blankly.

“Warrioristic?” Matt turned his head to grin at her.

“And, and women…” she continued ignoring his linguistic concerns “Bleed out their wounds every month and don’t need anyone to further their mighty genes.”

“That. Is metal as fuck.”

Matt threw his head back and laughed. He wasn’t quite as high yet, but he loved observing Shasha anyway. “You’re mighty as fuck” he whispered before kissing her. She giggled prettily.

“You sure you don’t want to join me for that session tomorrow?” she asked somberly.

“Nope. I can’t sit still for that long.”

“Well, you are going to miss an acid trip of a lifetime.”


It was the 14th of November and about thirty one people from the United States of America alone logged onto the site. These were people passionate about transcendentalism and meditation, mind you, as that was the night you could have seen the supermoon if you choose a spot with a clear patch of sky. The moon wouldn’t reportedly get that big, bright and quite as close to the earth before 2034 again.

The Higher Existence site was strikingly minimalistic. It was completely white and bare except a purple “log in” button smack at the center. The page after that looked the exact same, except the button has now changed to “view the playlist.” The playlist followed the instructions you needed.

Alex hadn’t found the duration of the session on the info sheet and decided he would leave after a song or two. He wanted to watch the moon, maybe smoke up some pot.

The playlist was the album “Atmosphere” by Kaskade. Shasha had never really given the artist a try, and figured it would be something new. She hoped the session would be done in an hour tops. The aftereffects she wasn’t really sure about.

The instructions needed the participant to be alone in a space they were comfortable in- physically and spiritually. Absolutely no drugs or booze, it specified. Okay, then.

There was a play button at the end of the white page that had to be clicked simultaneously with the first song on the playlist, “Last Chance.

Alex, Shasha, Miranda, Jake, Josh, Lily, Gale, Blake, Derek, Berry, Janet, Alan, Kit, Harry, Kelly, Marah, Cole, Tara, Sophie, Felicity, Natt, Paul, Tiffany, Daniel, Nora, Ed, Justin, Gina, Ramona, Julie and Vinn hit Play.


During the first three songs, most of them have to try hard to keep going on. They are kind of girly, although you could dance to them. Wasn’t meditative music supposed to be instrumental and slow? Apparently not, according to High Existence.

The instructions had clearly said: Don’t clear your mind. Let the music be all there is in your mind. Envision the music wrapping itself around the head, your ears, your eyes, your brain. Feel your essence leaving you, floating up in an orb of the music.

Shasha is doing just that, but she started out a bit edgy. Oddly, she finds her emotions and edginess muting down during “No One Knows Who We Are.” Most of them do.

Then “Feeling the Night” comes up and she stops moving completely. They all do.

Miranda’s surroundings turn blinding white. Her eyes are closed literally, but her office cubicle has turned white to her mind’s eye.

Jake can’t see his hands when he looks down. Nor his body.

Josh feels himself floating up.

Lily feels her aura leave her body, just like in the instructions.

Is the course finally going the way it is supposed to? Gale wonders.

Blake “sees” another floating orb of light in front of him in his white space.

But, Derek has been alone. Who is that?

Berry is concerned. Obviously, the session is working if he can perceive his aura. But he lives alone.

Janet dares a little and drifts towards the mystery orb hovering ahead of her.

Alan glances back one time.

For the first time since floating away, Kitt sees his body below. Unmoving and slumped over.

Harry feels excited. This feeling is stronger than any acid trip!

Kelly moves forward to the orb now. She reaches it and comes to a sudden halting stop.

Marah feels something wrong, something amiss.

This second aura is not clear, nor as free as his feels. Cole can feel sudden waves of contempt and anger radiating from it.

Tarah wants to go back now.

Sophie doesn’t want her body to be vacant anymore.

Felicity wants back to earth.

Natt doesn’t know whether the aura has seen him.

Paul starts to turn back to inhabit his body again.

Tiffany feels anger surround her. She feels disgust, and unhappiness fill the air.

Daniel can barely hear the music anymore. Although, he can feel its pounding beats.

Nora shivered. She wants the air to be clean and free again.

Ed is feeling fear flood his senses. The second aura isn’t good. It isn’t friendly.

Justin is feeling terrified for his body, which feels farther and farther away; unprotected and frighteningly empty.

Gina is soaring back with all her might.

But Ramona feels the second aura start towards her body at breakneck speed.

Julie has almost gotten to her body. Almost there, but she feels weak and cold. Vacant and drowsy.

Vinn feels the second aura slip right into his being while he floats outside his former vessel. He is starting to feel very angry, Very, very angry, with waves of contempt emanating from him…

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