Make Peace with It

Who am I?
I’m the wet clay in the earthen pots

I’m the oil spilled in the ocean

I’m the pearl inside the oyster 

I’m the death row inmate

Who are you?

You’re the thread in the bedsheets 

You’re the branded plastic cartons

You’re the floating chalk dust

You’re the child just tagged It

I’m the blue in the oceans and the blue in the skies

The red in blood and the red of the red carpet

Who in the world am I?

I’m you and you’re me.

We’re the world we have seen, and the world we’ll see.

We’re also bits and parts of the universe never seen.

We’re made of the lights and sounds and the particles

That are so far away that before they get here,

This body we share is long going to decay

And trillions of tiny signals inside spongy white matter and grey,

Are long going to forget this body ever existed.

But, we’re already reborn,

As the plants swaying to the breeze,

As the wooden spoon you use,

As the bread you raise to eat.

We’re you, and you’re us.

This is the law of the universe.

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