The door shut behind me. She was left behind. She leaned on the door from the other side, but stopped abruptly. This was meant to be. We had realised that. We were making a movie-without the scripts.

The world exploded in a burst of white light. My eyes ached with the agony of the sudden assault and the pain forced me to clap my hands over my throbbing, tightly shut eyes.

I collapsed to the ground involuntarily and curled up in fetal position in an effort to bury my head and restore the darkness I had become so used to.

Something bumped hard into me and I felt pain shooting through my hurt back. Slowly, I began to sense people around me. Someone screamed in wild pain and weakly masked joy. I heard a lone sob which quickly turned into loud gasps and shouts of pure, unrestrained happiness. I opened my eyes.

Everything was blobs of black bobbing about in space. I squinted my eyes and blinked rapidly to see clearly. There were people. People like me. People who were squinting their eyes and rubbing them for they could not believe they were seeing colour again.

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