A Person Who Craved Insanity

The person passed by the window as they did everyday at half past noon. The window of the shop selling emotions. A vial of kindness, a bottle of love, a pint of euphoria…
The person was particularly attracted to a tiny vial of liquid labeled “Insanity”. Its view came at the corner of the window frame.

What drew the person to the vial, they did not know. All the person knew was that they iched to exchange what little they had in this world for just a little sip from the vial; gulp down the insanity it promised to provide.

This went on for months. Men and women walked into the shop and walked back out after a while hiding the contents of their different coloured paper packages of what the person imagined was love, victory, power and happiness. The person imagined so because that was what they seemed to have in abundance.

Although, the person made no mistake in observing that all they bought seemed to be impermanent.

What they were never interested in seemed to be insanity. It was so appealing- the person didn’t understand- couldn’t they see!?

Everyday, the person seemed to be inching closer to the vial. Before, only three fourths of it had been visible through the window frame. One day, the person found themself an inch from the window.

For the first time, they saw the shopkeeper. It was a She with all the distinctions of gender the average populations possessed. 

She smiled at first at the person encouraging them enough to pull open the door.

The person stepped in and she had stopped smiling now. With some conviction, she pointed out the vial of black death. The person shook their head, and with no inhibitions now, pointed at the vial of insanity.

She stopped shortand frowned at the person, then placed her arms akimbo and shook her head.

The only thing that got the vial down and into the person’s hands was when they had proven they had something to offer for it.


The person stared out of the bars now. The same shop could be made out at some distance. The men and the women continued their cycles in the out of the shop, renewing their stocks of faux liquid emotions.

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