My Book Lover (Loving Yours, The Reader Series #2)

He lay face down on the cool marble floor. I walked over with the coffee and sat cross-legged  beside him. My hands invariably stroked his head, my fingers wandering through his tangled curls.
My heart stopped momentarily as he looked up at me, his eyes soulful, pulling me into their depths.
“When..” he started. I cut him off.
“Don’t care, Daniel” I sighed.
He pushed himself up the ground, in a half pushup. His biceps flexed and I couldn’t help staring and marveling at the eerie perfection this man was.
“I want to be with you. I want a life of us; not just a few scattered moments of flame.” Daniel whispered.
“Baby, I want that. You know it. You say we can’t last; you can’t stay. Why? I will keep you alive, together with me.” I stated perplexed.
“Adora‚Ķ I can’t help but leave, but you can. Stop reading the book. Stop finishing my story. Without my tale chalked out, there can be an us, it can be anything we want!” Daniel exclaimed, plea coloring his tone.
I turned to glance at the hardbound beauty on the table in front of my couch. The characters were shaded and the plot twisty, my favourite kind. To not finish it would be the perfect crime.

a.l. wonderland aka roo

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