My Book Lover (Loving Yours, The Reader Series)

“Please don’t say it Adora” he begged me, his fiery eyes pools of desperation.
“Not say what Daniel? You are my everything! How can you be all I want and expect me to not fall for you? How can you be with me night and day and believe me to not get attached?” I cried my angst spilling into my words.
He bowed his head down in temporary surrender. “A figment disappears everyday, Adora. One day, it will all be gone. I will cease to exist. You will be devastated. I came here to show you a better way to live. I came as a guide, not a solution.” Daniel said this, but there was just resolve in his voice. The desperation was gone, he had given in to my stubbornness to not let go.

Daniel had walked over to me quite some time ago now. He had walked over and had been everything I’d ever hoped for in a person, my soulmate. He was completely compatible with me, body and soul. We seemed to mush together effortlessly. How could I let him go?

I neared him. His head was still bowed. I reached him and unbuttoned his shirt. He said naught a word, nor did he look up. As I proceeded to undress him, he brushed my hand once: “Please…” his mouth was set in a line, his jaw clenched tight. But those eyes..those eyes were burning with conflict, burning with what I felt for him too.
“Kiss me” I breathed on his lips. We were so close, I could feel our breaths rushing together and colliding as one.
He moved into me till we were no more; just us. The rest was a tangled knot of sweet passion, wild but gentle, as we swore our orgasmic gasps to each other.
As I lay beside him, my head buried in his chest, my eyes drifted restlessly to his beautiful features. The face was a sea of calm now, but the frowns on his forehead concerned me about what he still thought. I reached out and smoothed the wrinkles.
“I am not worth it, love. I will be gone someday, untraceable by this universe.”
“Don’t ruin the present, then. This is all I have got” I sighed “let go now Daniel, let go please.”

a.l. wonderland aka roo

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