Every Love Story Ever

Somewhere between the tortured lines of his heart and the world, he stumbled upon the one who would set him free.

Translated to English by:

a.l. wonderland aka roo

5 thoughts on “Every Love Story Ever

  1. Love stories….do not resemble our society very well. Sometimes he never finds love because he is too busy giving himself to the innocent girls in his life. Sometimes he abuses the innocent and ruins their lives. Most times he does not deserve to live life with beauty. He can go die in a pathetic wasteland he calls home. Pin should live throughout his life. Does that seem accurate to the society we live in today?

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    1. That piece I wrote is titled “Every Love Story Ever” as this quote is the essence of a movie I watched. The protagonist keeps saying the same story is repeated all over again, only to have a life completely unique. This quote implies anything but a love story. It is more of a journey of self discovery.

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      1. The story s based around this person’s perspective of life? They should create a story about life is already unique without the presence of love being in the way. Have you read The Great Gatsby? That is a great story about a man doing everything he can to get the girl.

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