Taherah woke up twitching in bed. It was getting too hot, meaning she had slept on, late again. She sat up with a jolt, eyes wide open. The sun pouring into the room made her squint immediately. Never did Mitchell remember to draw the curtains before he left. And never could she get up in time. She cursed softly.

She was taking this too lightly, settling into the comfortable glow of his undying affections. She couldn’t get stagnant. It was necessary for her to know his business, his way of work and his professional side. There had been enough delving into his emotional half.

She swung off the bed, laced her hair to one side and tilted her head slightly to the right distractedly as she thought of what to do next.
Mitchell had bought her this condo, and they spent most nights here. She often wondered how he was at his own place,on his own bed with the woman who legally owned him. She felt a twinge of something she identified as jealousy, and quickly stowed it away.

She walked to the fridge and inevitably saw the customary notes he always left her in the mornings. Mitchell was kind of orthodoxy when it came to romance, he preferred notes to texts and surprise meets to planned dates. A slow smile spread over her lips and soon turned into an open burst of laughter. No, no he wasn’t like that. He was what she had made him. He was as doting and as puppy-struck as she needed him to be.

Taherah’s smile vanished and her face set to stone. No, she couldn’t take this lightly.

Picture Source: charmcloset18


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