A Baseball Bat-Zombie Rapists-Cursed Baby Fest

It was a seven star resort, isolated somewhere, in some island. So what if there won’t be anyone my age? I would probably find somewhere to hide in a tiny corner of the resort, thanks to my petite frame. Also, there would be booze…

So when my parents asked me- not told me- to come along with them, and gave in, not that I had a choice in the first place. They would never allow me to be home alone. Unlike that Home Alone kid, I would actually invite some people to come over.

Off we went. We drove a few hours, flew another few and then we were there. And the place was stinking huge. What was kind of scary was how it all was made out of glass. The entire thing from head to toe was glassy and transparent. I wondered if the shower area and the bedrooms were stowed away at the back somewhere. After some reassurances regarding the integrity of the thick glass, none of which did the trick for me, we were in at last. I quickly slipped away as my parents started to mingle in the crowd. Seriously, I didn’t know if they were all too weird or too cool to book such a place for a high school reunion. And how had my parents bought me over anyway? Did none of the others have any qualms about leaving their children home alone? Cuz there was no one my age, I had expected this, but still. Weird, right?

With two days into this reunion, I was getting really good at two things: a) holding my drink, while pretending like I wasn’t, and b) hiding out in the snug little corner of the house, hidden from the glassy view and adult eyes. This was fun, it was. Even though there was no cellular network, my kindle has enough books and the cabinet had enough liquor to last me a lifetime. Well, I guess I shouldn’t have gotten that comfy cuz that is where it all went wrong.

Mostly the people roamed about drinking, rarely eating and socializing all over the place. They were like ants whose hormone scent had been wiped off from the middle of trail- resulting in a mini-chaos while they attempted to re-chart their course. But today, they had a meeting of some sort- the welcome ceremony a couple days too late, I suspected. My parents had not really concerned themselves  with me after their arrival here and I was as grateful as understanding as to why. This was almost nirvana, minus the orgies. Maybe there were, I wasn’t particularly eager to find out.

As all the adults were packed into a gigantic hall for the ceremony/meeting, I decided to soak in the sun out on the deck with glass of Bloody Mary. There was no one there to catch me for once.

I got to tell you, there were no clues or signs for me to think anything was amiss before I saw the real thing. It’s difficult to hear noises and open doors to investigate when everything is glass and everything is BAM in front of you.

They wore masks, those white phantom ones? But all the masks were turned to an upside down smile. They were dressed in the most casual clothes ever, like you would wear for a drive to the grocery store and they all carried baseballs bats. Instantly, the movies Funny Games and The Strangers came to mind. They could have been the people from the party who had not joined the meeting. They could have been, but there wasn’t a shadow of doubt in my mind that they were not.

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