Unmapped Love

I wonder what we have to look forward to, wonder if we have any reason at all.
But I would live forevermore to experience th

at sudden burst of flavour after the thrilling glide towards food.
I would cry a hundred times to let out budding laughter after the giddiness.
I would sink to the very depths of depression, just to snuggle to the soft feel of flesh and fur.
I would explore every nook of this world to feel that jolt of electric up my spine.
I would spend a million sleepless nights to soak in the euphoric scent of vorfreude.
I would open up my unprotected heart each time to feel the sudden spark of recognition.
I would get my soul break a thousand times to feel the soaring rush of love and forgiveness.
The unsaid words and whispered breaths that somewhere, somehow, in this vortex of entropy, made us belong.
That is everything I live for.

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